Sandy got the highest price in their area

Working in the real estate industry for 16 years, Sandy knows how some agents can be very dishonest and insincere. That is why she chose Botany Park Real Estate, who has proven their integrity by looking after Sandys rental property for years. Sandy’s husband was doubtful that Jenny could get the price she wanted for their property but Sandy was confident. In the end, Jenny sold their house for $412,000 which was $30,000 more than their neighbours. Jenny didn’t just get Sandy’s asking price but she got them the highest price in their area. Thank you, Sandy, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

Below we have included an extended transcript of our interview with Sandy.

My name is Sandra Hathaway. I’ve worked in real estate for approximately 16 years. I’ve had a lot of dealings with real estate agents and I find there’s not a lot of genuine ones. The biggest thing that I don’t like about the way real estate agents work is their honesty and lack of it.

When I did decide to sell the property, I rang Jenny from Botany Park because she had sold us that property. I spoke to my husband and said Jenny and I had discussed a price and I got, “Are you serious? You will never get that price.” I said, “I believe that we will, and the only way we’ll know is by putting it in the hands of a good agent.”

And that’s what we did, and within 3 weeks our property sold for $412,000, which is my asking price. Two other units had sold within 3 months of our unit selling, nowhere near the price of ours. One sold for $380,000 and one sold for $390,000. The properties that sold were 3 bedrooms, same size, and everything else exactly the same, and basically the same condition.

Botany Park was slightly more costly than others, maybe I could have got somebody cheaper, but am I going to get the service, and am I going to get the price? The bottom line for me is that I’m going to get someone that I trust, and I felt that in Botany Park and that’s why I went with them.

If I used another agent, I don’t believe I would have got the price that I wanted, and I don’t believe I would have got the price within the short time that I got it.

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