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After a recent bad experience selling another property Filda was determined to do her research so she’d come out on top. She interviewed four local real estate agents but was not happy with what anyone of them said. She kept researching and found what she was looking for at Botany Park.

In this interview Filda describes her experience with the other agents and how she got more than the price she was asking when she sold with Aaron from Botany Park Real Estate.

My name is Filda. Our property is at one Christa Court in Berwick. We went with Botany Park real estate in Carrum Downs.

The interview process

I contacted four different agents in which they came through the house, of course, at different times. We had a price in mind that we would like to get for the home. And all those four were about twenty thousand less than what we were asking for.

The promises

Of course they promise the world. They say they will do this and do that and they will get the price for us. They can look after us as they all do out there. Yeah, so it was a little tricky. It’s not easy at all to trust people out there, and after the four real estate agent that came through, they sort of more or less say the same thing, but yet they were twenty thousand dollar less than what we wanted to get for our house.

The prices

Well, in a way we were unhappy, you know? We sort of have a price tag in mind that we would love to get for our home, and if they were about, say, five thousand dollars less or under the price that we were after, we’re probably think, “Okay, maybe it is achievable.” When you have about twenty, thirty thousand dollars in between that you need to reach it’s like, “Oh, well, that’s not good enough for me.” Yeah, so it was very difficult to try and choose an agent to do this for us.

Advertising costs covered by the agency

They did try to get us to spend the money on the advertising, but I couldn’t see the point of spending two thousand dollars in advertising where I could put that money in my pocket, and then on top of that they also have the commission fees as well. That goes up to nearly $15,000, $18,000, so it was something that we, at the end of the day, if they gave us a quote of $20,000 – $30,000 less, and then on top of that we have another $20,000 advertising and everything, all the costs, we would be at least out of our pocket $40,000 – $50,000. I wasn’t prepared to lose that money.

The Agent – Aaron

When Aaron came to our home, we sat down and was very comfortable talking to him. He was really laid back and he was able to tell us all the costs involved and all that, but then what really got to us and we sort of opened our eyes towards is that they have told us that there’s no advertising fees, no marketing fees, none of all those fees because all that is put into the price of their commission.

The Commission

Their commission as well, I believe, it was fair because I’ve done my research, I do my Googling, to find out how much they charge out there and they were in par with a lot of the agents out there, so we were happy with that.

What happens if you don’t sell?

They also told us as well that if by any chance they are unable to sell our home, we will not be charged for any of the cost that’s involved in advertising and marketing and all that. It’s a no brainer. We thought, “Well, what have we got to lose?”

The house went on the market and within a week there were three buyers who came through the house and one of the things, too, that I would like to stress that when we put our house on the market, I made it clear to Aaron that I wasn’t interested in having open homes. That didn’t bother him. He said, “You know what? We will do this. We’ll just have appointments to walk through the house.” That was one of the selling point that I was able to think, “Okay, well I like that.”

The sales process

We had three people come through. It was a very easy transaction. They’d call us up, arrange a date that suit myself and suit them, and we were happy for them to come through the house. We don’t have to be there. We were out. Yeah, so they came through the house, three of those people. Two buyers ending up fighting over the house. We ended up getting ten thousand dollar more than what we ask for, so yeah, we were very happy with the result.

Sealing the deal…

We sealed up this deal at about quarter to twelve midnight, so he worked well beyond the time of his working hours of course. I can guarantee you that they don’t just care about the commission. They care about me, how I feel, how my family affect through the process of selling our home. I know too for a fact, because we’ve only just sold another property five months ago and only wish I was able to know about Botany Park real estate. We would have got them to sell our property.

We hired a real estate agent to take care of things over there and it took them about five months. They hardly call me, update me with anything how the property was going. I have to chase them down to find out how is it going, how is open house, and at the end of it I have to tell them, “Sorry, you can’t sell my property. I’m going to look for someone else to sell that property.”

I found someone else to sell the property but we just needed to get it out. We sold at a loss. This experience this time was perfect and we couldn’t be happier.

My name is Filda  The property we’ve just sold is at one Christa Court in Berwick. Agent is Aaron Edwards and the real estate agent is Botany Park real estate in Carrum Downs. Call them.


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